Reception News: 19th September 2019

19th September 2019

Star of the Week:  Martha
Mathematician of the Week:  Oliver
Writer of the Week:  Jacob
Rocking Reader:  Rosie
Values Champion (Friendship):  Bellatrix

One, two, three!

This week we have been working really hard with our maths. We are starting at the beginning counting forward and backwards to three. This builds fluency for the children and ensure the children have a strong foundation to build on when the numbers and concepts become more complexed and abstract.

We read the story of the Three Bears and explained we needed to set the table ready for breakfast.  The children had to count 3 of each item out of a larger set using their 1:1 correspondence as they set the table.  This is a great activity to do at home too and a great way to encourage their independence.

We have stripped it right back making sure the foundations are strong and have been focusing on number 3.  The stories we have read have been The 3 Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We’ve been singing 3 Blind Mice too.  We are counting 3 objects in different arrangements by touching each object as we count.  Counting out three objects from a larger set means we can understand that the final number they have said is the total in the group.

We focus heavily on questioning to assess understanding.  Such as can you touch each object as you count?  Can you put the objects into the five frame? How many are left?  How do you know?  I think there's two left in the pot am I correct?  Do you know how many pencils there are without counting?  Does it matter if the pencils are different colours?

Linking to the story of the three bears, the children had a house for the three bears. They had to count out three of each item from a larger set for each of the bears. They are starting to subtilise numbers up to three and use their 1:1 correspondence to ensure they had the correct number of each item.  The children really enjoyed this activity and completed it with confidence. 

In phonics we have been learning our first lot of sounds this week s,a,t,p. We have been practicing writing the sounds on the playground with chalks and traveling in a range of ways over the big letters drawn on the playground.  We have played musical sounds when the music stops and if you are holding the sound card you have to think of a word that starts with that sound.

One of our favourite and nosiest games is silly soup!  Mrs Mills can only put objects with the initial sound of our sound of the day into the soup.  The only problem is Mrs Mills keeps tricking us and tries to put in other sounds, thank goodness we are on the ball!

Here are some extra things to do if you would like to support your child at home: practise writing our sounds of the week, think of some words with the initial sounds.   Sound out a CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) word, then use robot arms to segment the word.  For example, parents say “mat” then use robot arms to segment m-a-t.  This promotes listening for the sounds which will support segmenting and blending when reading and writing words.

The children had a challenge in a group to make their own playdough.  They worked really well as a team to follow the instructions they even took their own photos using Mrs Ellis' iPad.  We can't wait to make lots of exciting things with it!

We have all settled so well; Mrs Mills and Mrs Ellis are so happy with how we are all doing.