Reception News: 20th March 2021

20th March 2021

Star of the Week:  Lily B
Mathematician of the Week: Dan
Writer of the Week: Amara
Rocking Reader: Megan
Values Champion: Felicity

In this class, we have great curiosity about the world around us! The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the metamorphic cycle of a caterpillar which has led us to also look at the lifecycles of bees, ladybirds and frogs. During our explore and learn time the children had the opportunity to create a lifecycle mobile which all look beautiful. Whilst making the mobiles to children used their fine motor skills to make holes, thread and tie knots. It was also lovely to hear the extended and subject specific vocabulary being used whilst making or showing off their mobiles.

This week Mrs Holman introduced the children to doubling using a magic trick. Although apparently Mrs Holman’s magic was not that magical, the children were keen to try out the magic doubling trick themselves. Some children chose to demonstrate the extent of their understanding by doubling numbers beyond 100 independently.

Friday’s Forest School is always full of fun and adventures for Reception Class. This week the children spent time onsite creating log necklaces, making a mud slide, playing archery and baking mud pies. What a lovely way to end the week!