Reception News: 20th November 2020

20th November 2020

Star of the Week: Leigharnnah
Mathematician of the Week: Billy
Writer of the Week: Jacob
Rocking Reader: Edie
Values Champion (Respect): Dan

This week as a special treat Mrs Holman gave each child a gingerbread man to decorate. We decided to leave our gingerbread man out to dry so we could enjoy them the next morning.

The next day when Mrs Holman arrived at school, she saw that the gingerbread men had disappeared! As a class we discussed what may have happened to them. It was a mystery!

Mrs Holman then remembered she had set up a camera in the classroom. We decided to have a look to see if anything showed up on the video…and it did!

We were amazed to find out that our gingerbread men had actually got up and run away!

After watching the video, we made traps and looked for clues. The children were also inspired to use their new phonic knowledge to write letters to the gingerbread men. Luckily whilst playing outside at lunchtime the gingerbread men sneaked back into the classroom and got caught in one of the traps. We quickly ate the gingerbread men before they escaped again. What an eventful day we had!

This week in maths we have introduced the children to simple addition. Following our gingerbread theme, we have been looking at a selection of gingerbread men, challenging the children to tell use what they can see and to deepen their thinking. For example, we can see 3 gingerbread men but how many eyes or buttons can we see. We also played games that involved adding numbers together using practical resources. The children have amazed Mrs Holman with their expanding understanding around number with comments such as ‘there are 6 eyes because 3 2s is 6’.