Reception News: 27th February 2020

27th February 2020

Star of the Week:  Mary
Rocking Reader:  Abigail

Writer of the Week:  Bleubelle
Mathematician of the Week:  Caitlyn
Values Champion:  Dylan

Spring 2! I hope you have all had a wonderful half term. I am looking forward to another fabulous term of learning and fun. I have got lots of things planned for us this half term such as making pancakes, bread making, Mother’s Day activities, and lots more.

Our talk for writing text is the Little Red Hen so we will be doing lots of writing around this text and learning to retell the story. We will also be continuing to work on our phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and phase 3 tricky words over the next six weeks and gain confidence and independence with our reading and writing.

Thank you for all the updates over half term it’s been lovely catching up with what they have been up to with their learning and other various bits. 

Literacy:  This week we have enjoyed using the story map to retell the story of ’The Little Red Hen.’ The children were introduced to the Pie Corbett actions for the story to make the story come alive. ‘The Little Red Hen’ is a fantastic text to use for looking at  connective words and tricky words. We have also been ordering the story and writing sentences to match the pictures.

Maths:  We have been building on the prompts for counting to earlier numbers that can be applied to counting to 9 and 10, in addition to these ideas.  We have played lots of games to show 9 and 10:  Show me 10 fingers. Now show me nine. Did you need to count? Can we count back from 10? Can you show me 10 beads on the tens frame. Show me nine. Show me 10 cubes on the 10 frame what do you notice? Show me nine cubes. What do you notice? Could you put 9 or 10 objects on the tens frame without counting them?

We gave the children a set of dominoes. What do you notice about the dominoes? Can you sort the dominoes? How many can you find with nine spots? With 10 spots?

We asked the children to count out nine or 10 small objects. Can you find different ways to arrange your items? What do you notice?

We have played lots of games this week to support nine and 10 place value. We provided a starting line. We asked the children to take nine giant steps, nine tiny steps, nine jumps, nine tiptoes etc. How far did you travel each time? Who can travel the furthest in nine giant steps? Who can travel the shortest distance with nine tiny steps?

Using the construction resources we provided the children with a selection of bricks in different sizes and shapes. We challenge the children to make the tallest possible tower using 10 bricks. Which bricks will you choose? How will you place your bricks to make the tower as tall as possible? 

We learnt all about keeping safe in water from Jo from Chessgrove Swim. It was a great session and we all feel more confident about how we can keep ourselves safe. We learnt all about open waters and examples of these, who we can tell if we need help. We learnt about lifeguards and how important it is to find them if we need help, how we must listen to them and follow the flags and signs. If we do get in danger we now know not to panic, do a star float to get used to the temperature of the water and calm us, wave our arms one at a time, and shout at the top of our lungs.

The best way to keep children safe is to teach them how to swim and be confident in water. It was really scary to hear how many children leave primary school without being able to swim, this is at an all time high and puts our children at a huge risk. Thank you Jo for highlighting lots of important signs and flags for us to look out for when we visit the beach and giving us lots of information that could help us if we ever get in trouble by water.

Pancake Day: we made pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Unlike our current text ‘The Little Red Hen’ we all helped out with making the pancakes and as a reward we all got to have one and choose our toppings. We discussed how it felt to work together to make the pancakes and be rewarded for all our hard work just like the Little Red Hen.