Reception News: 2nd March 2018

2nd March 2018
Star of the Week:  Archie
Mathematician of the Week:  Darcy
Writer of the Week:  Vincent
Values Champion:  Evie
We have had a brilliant week in Reception!  
PHONICS:  We have been learing the sounds 'oi' and 'ow'.  The children have also been working really hard to learn their tricky words 'the', 'he' and 'she' then to use them in their writing.  The children would love to show you their spellings at home and the practise would be really beneficial.
LITERACY:  We have started our new topic... SUPERHEROES!  We are all very excited about it.  This week we talked about our favourite superhero, drew their pictures and wrote about them.
Please note:  our Superhero dress-up day has now changed to Monday 12th March.
MATHS:  This week we have been learning about money and identifying the different coins that we use.  The children have been exploring our shop in the role-play area, writing lists and buying items with money.  We have also been 'buying' our snack, using different coins and amounts!
Extra house points are on offer to children who can find different ways of making 10p using 1p, 2p and 5p coins... why not have a go at home?