Reception News: 5th March 2020

5th March 2020
Star of the Week: Bleubelle
Rocking Reader:  Jacob
Writer of the Week:  Seb
Mathematician of the Week:  Ruby
Values Champion:  Lilia
Maths:  Comparing numbers to 10

As the children sense of number develops so does their knowledge of where numbers sit in relation to other numbers. They will understand that when making comparisons a set can have more items, fewer items or the same number of items as another set. We began by comparing two sets and progressed to ordering three or more sets.

I challenged the children to find all the dominoes with seven spots. Can they make six with more than seven and fewer than seven spots? We use the dominoes to play who has more in pairs. With the dominoes face down, the children chose one domino each. How many spots does each domino have? The player with the most spots can collect a point. Can you record your points?

We went on to play a game using a feely bag filled with different number shapes. We asked the children to work in the groups to take a number shape from the bag can they identify which number they have? We worked together to compare and order the shapes. Who has the largest number? Who has the smallest? Does anyone have the same?  They were absolutely fab at this! Well done maths stars!

We provided children with a collection of items to sort. We encourage the children to sort the items into sets and then compare the quantity in each set. Can you find a set with more than this one? Can you find two sets with the same quantity?

We also made a Caterpillar by threading five beads onto a string we asked the children to make a caterpillar with more beads and fewer beads than five. Which caterpillar is the longest? which is the shortest? Can we arrange the caterpillars in order?

We played a game of skittles. We asked the children to record how many skittles they knocked down each time. Did they not more down this time or last time? Did they not more or fewer skittles than their friend? Are there more skittles still standing or more knocked over?

As a class we asked the children to write their name how many letters does your name have? Do you have more letters, less letters or the same number of letters as your friend?

They did really well grasping the concept of more/less easily and they were able to quickly compare their sets objects.

Active maths:  Reception Class had an active maths session on halving with Ollie.
We started off being pirates in 4 teams stealing golden treasure. We then had to split our treasure in half we are learning that half is two equal amounts. Thank you Ollie for such a fab maths session.
Friendship:  We have been playing lots of games in PHSE this week around friendship. We have sang songs and said what we like doing with our friends. We played a great game of bean bags and helpers the idea of the game was that half of the children were bean bag balances and the others were helpers when the beanbags fell off. We couldn't pick up our own beanbags. We learnt that we need our friends to help us. We also played islands; it is a bit like musical chairs but instead of children being out they had to be welcomed into the other islands. The children really understood the value for friendship.
We also discovered the power of kind words.
First we passed a smile to each other as we rolled a marble to our friends, it was lovely to see how happy we could make our friends through a simple act like smiling.
Next we passed a ball of string, as we did this we chose a friend to say something nice about. The web we created was beautiful! Both Mrs Mills and Mrs Ellis were impressed with the wonderful words the children said about their friends. We are blessed to have a loving class like this.
Doctor Visit:  We were lucky enough to have Mrs Mills' Doctor in to visit us on Wednesday. The children came up with some super questions to ask Dr Gines. We got to look inside her doctor's bag and see all of the equipment she carries around to help her patients. It was great to see how many children would like to be doctors when they grow up. Who knows they could be looking after me one day! Thank you to Dr Gines for coming in this morning.
World Book Day:  We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday by coming to school in our pyjamas all set for bedtime stories. The theme of this years World Book Day is around sharing stories. We started off in the hall for an assembly all about World Book Day and all the exciting things we have planned. We then went to different classes in our houses to share our favourite stories with other children. The teachers moved around and shared their favourite stories with the different classes, it was lots of fun. We went on to Big Booky Breaktime where the children had hot chocolate and biscuits as we shared stories, what a treat!. We have had a day of book related activities making book marks, listening to audio books and lots more. We concluded World Book day with Mr Payne reading a whole school story in the hall.
Walking on Egg Shells:  This week in Science we have been walking on eggshells. It was so much fun we tried squeezing the egg with one hand to hand but we still could not break it. We didn't realise they were that strong! We looked inside a broken egg to see the yolk and the egg white. We have had way too much fun this afternoon. The children have loved walking on eggshells... the adults did too!
Nice Weather for Ducks! It was a wet forest school this week, so we cut the session a little shorter to allow time to dry off in the classroom afterwards. The children enjoyed a chocolate chip pancake, biscuits, water and hot chocolate - we'll do cooking on the fire another session. They also made a mud puddle cake for Harry's birthday, with five candles in, and made stick dens.
Mother's Day:  The children planted daffodil bulbs in the winter ready for you for Mother's Day. We are worried they will go over so want to send them early so you can plant them in your gardens. The children are chuffed with their daffodils they have grown for you.