Reception News: 8th October 2020

8th October 2020

Star of the Week: Lucy
Mathematician of the Week: Fred
Writer of the Week: Dan
Rocking Reader: Evie
Values Champion (Friendship): Ariana

This week’s adventure included our first trip off site as a class to visit Hanbury Church.The children were very excited!

Reverend Morris set us lots of challenges such as finding a unicorn, a dragon and a secret door. We also had the opportunity to freely explore the church whilst counting how many crosses we could find. It was great fun! The children thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the classroom and noticed lots of different things whilst walking to and from the church, such as the autumn leaves on the trees, the conkers on the road and even a little caterpillar. They will certainly love forest school when they start after half term! Thank you again to our parent helpers for your support.

Whilst Reception were at the church, the rest of the school celebrated Harvest with a zoom Harvest festival. Although we were not in school to perform, we pre-recorded our performance of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ to share during the zoom festival. We hope the rest of the school enjoyed it.

As a class we adapted our story to ‘The Enormous Carrot’ and created our own zigzag story books. The children showed great care, detail, and pride in their work, and they are being proudly displayed in their writing books.

During phonics we are continuing to learn new sounds and are developing more confidence reading and writing some simple CVC words. We have enjoyed playing lots of games such as the dinosaur phonics race which is helping us to develop speed when recognising the sounds.

It is all about shape this week in Maths. Mrs Holman introduced the children to a book called ‘Mouse Shapes’. In the story the mice create lots of different pictures using different shapes. As a focus activity the children had the opportunity to create their own pictures using the shapes. Whilst in the garden the children have been looking for and noticing shapes within the environment and have enjoyed marking these down. We have also learnt a shape song which has taught us the different properties of 2d shapes.