Reception News: 9th January 2020

9th January 2020

Star of the Week:  Harry F
Mathematician of the Week:  Mary
Writer of the Week:  Harry S
Rocking Reader:  Seb
Values Champion:  Abigail 

What a fabulous, busy first week back we have had!

Maths:  One less

We are focusing on one more/ less. Children should see the link that one less than a number is the next number they say when they are counting backwards.

We sang the song five little ducks and the song 5 currant buns. We acted out the song in the hall. How many buns are there altogether? Put a penny in the pot, how many pennies do we have? How many buns do we have now? We repeated the song and questions highlighting there is one less bun each time, but one more penny.

We also played a game of musical chairs. What happens each time the music stops? How many chairs do we have now? Are their enough chairs for each person? How many chairs are going to be left?

The final game we played was I clapped 4 times and they had to clap one less time. We repeated the activity with different actions hopping, jumping and tapping their head. Theses are all things you can do at home to support them with one less.

They sometimes got a bit muddled with one more/ less and were using them interchangeably. It's really important they understand the language so they don't get confused as this is the beginning of addition and subtraction.

This week the children were also provided with a table showing one more and one less. They were challenged to use objects to complete the table.


This week the children have been learning their Phase 3 digraphs: 'ch', 'sh', 'oo' and 'ee'.

Please could you recap these at home so that the children become confident with recognising them in a word and writing them in words eg shop, chip, moon, been. I am so impressed with how the children have picked them up.


The children made some amazing Supertatos at home over the holidays. The children enjoyed writing about how they made their potatoes and the materials they used. We have also read the text and came up with some super words to describe the character Supertato. We then challenged the children to write their adjectives into a sentence remembering finger spaces and listening to all the sounds in a word. 

Science:  pipe cleaner push and pull

We have been experimenting with magnets this week. We challenged the children to find out "How many pipe cleaners can you move to the top of the containers using the magnets?"

We encouraged them to think about the material, size of the pieces and properties of the magnet. We have had lots of fun!