Remembering Mrs Kershaw

10th July 2019
We all took part in lots of activities today, as part of our memorial day to remember the fun and laughter we shared with our beloved teacher and friend, Mrs Kershaw.
Mrs Kershaw died in March this year.  We miss her very much.  She was originally our Year 2 teacher but more recently had taken the leap into Reception Class, giving our pupils a super start at Hanbury.
Reverend Morris joined us for a special assembly.  He talked to us about how the most unlikely things can help us to remember people when they aren't with us any more.  He also took time to visit every class during the morning.
Some classes used the rest of the morning to talk about how it is very important to remember.  Year 2, 3 and 4 took time to think and write about Mrs Kershaw, creating poems, prayers and recording their memories.
Year 1 talked about how some people believe that a robin, butterfly or even a feather is the person you have lost and that they come back to say hello every once in a while.  Mrs Kershaw loved Forest School, so the children went outside to collect natural objects to help them paint their very own robin pictures.
Throughout the day, everyone got the chance to paint a pebble.  Each one is a unique design - amongst others there are "Big, Red, Combine Harvesters" (one of Mrs Kershaw's favourite Harvest songs), "Spring Chickens" (another of her favourites!), the Sports Day trophy she won 2 years ago, butterflies, rainbows and many more.
They will be varnished and used to create a memorial garden outside our brand new entrance.  Whilst she will always be in our thoughts and hearts, we want to give everyone who knew Mrs Kershaw a place to remember her and to make sure every visitor to school knows how wonderful she was.
When Mrs Kershaw applied for her job at Hanbury, one of the things that stood out on her application was an event she held at a previous school.  She arranged an apple pie competition and judged over 40 different pies... we secretly thought it was a ploy to get lots of pudding! 
There will be an apple tree planted in the memorial garden, but in the meantime we invited parents and children to take part in an apple baking competition. The creations looked and smelled delicious!  Everyone who took part received a certificate, with star bakers receiving special prizes.
Congratulations to Jakob, Nora, Isabel, Annabelle, Amelia (and Daddy who helped with the pastry and Harry who picked the blackberries!), Summer (and her Nan), Elizabeth, Jessica and Mrs Hind.
The day ended with everyone sending bubbles of wishes and memories up into the air. They floated away and popped, but just because we can't see them any more, we know that they are all around us.