School Attendance & Holidays

We are keen to maintain attendance rates at school and in support of this aim, we are hoping to gain a commitment from parents not to take holidays during term time.
There is no automatic right to absence for a family holiday.  Authorisation will only be granted in exceptional circumstances for a holiday during term time and where attendance is over 95%.  An exception circumstance is likely to be a one-off, unique situation such as:-
  • A parent, grandparent or other close relative is seriously ill and the holiday proposed is likely to be the last such holiday.
  • There may have been a significant recent trauma in the family and it might be considered that an immediate holiday could enable the child concerned to better deal with the situation.
A 'family holiday' or 'because it is cheaper' do not count as exceptional circumstances!
For a holiday of 5 school days, this amounts to 10 un-authorised absences (one absence is half a day) and for a holiday for 10 school days, this amounts to 20 un-authorised absences.
Should any parents still decide to go away, un-authorised absences during the academic year may result in a penalty notice being issued.  Penalty notices will be issued to whoever has parental responsibility for the child/ren being taken out of school (eg, a seperate notice for each person with parental responsibility for each child).