Free School Meals

Do your children already qualify for free school meals?

As a school, we have organised vouchers or eCode Vouchers worth £15 per week (including during the school holidays) for use in a range of supermarkets.

We have been informed that the EdenRed vouchers will be re-introduced from next week (w/c 18th January). We will endeavour to get these organised as soon as the system will allow us.

If you have not received your vouchers or eCode after next week, then please email with the subject line Free School Meals.

Please note this does not include the Universal Free School Meal Scheme

Have you recently needed to apply for benefits?

If you have been told recently that you can receive Universal Credits and are earning less than £616.67 a month, have income support, jobseekers allowance or some other benefits please click on the Free School Meals section of, under the Applying Heading to see if you are able to claim Free School Meals for your child.

Follow the instructions on the site to make an application. We understand that applications are taking around 4/5 weeks to be processed. If you are unable to access the website please phone 01905 678154 for assistance.

If you are able to receive Free School Meals for your child/ren please contact school via email, to ensure we are able to provide you with vouchers.