School News: 15th April 2020

15th April 2020
The children of Essential Workers have had a lovely week at school, making the most of the beautiful weather and getting into the Easter sprit!
As well as joining in Art Club and creating some brilliant "trust" themed art, we made some wonderful 3D chicks and rabbits!  We've baked chocolate Easter nests, made baskets to put them in and also made some funny bunny ears!
Elevensies was spent with David Walliams and his stories on Tuesday, whilst we took our hot chocolate and biscuits up the hill to church today, combining snack time with our daily exercise!
We were very grateful to receive a thank you note from the parents of some of the children we cared for last week.  Local schools are supporting each other when staffing levels become an issue.  We were-and are-very proud and more than happy to do our our bit.