School News: 16th May 2020

16th May 2020
At school this week we did lots of baking and learned about the ingredients in our food.
First we looked at yeast, as this was our main ingredient for the week. Over the three days everyone made loaves of bread, rolls, crumpets and cinnamon buns. The children learned how to knead their dough, and how important it is to leave it to rise before baking. We used bicarbonate of soda with the yeast to make our crumpets so that they would have lots of lovely holes in. We found out about brown sugar and learned that it smells very strong, like burnt toffees. We also learned that spices are much to strong to have on their own, but when we mix a little bit with other ingredients they become very tasty. 

After all that baking we went for some lovely long walks to the avenue of trees in Hanbury Hall, up the very steep hill to church and across the fields to feed the Jinney Ring ducks at 
their pond.