School News: 9th May 2020

9th May 2020
We planned and held our very own VE day celebration this week.  Some planned the food and decorations we would have whilst others wrote a diary entry of a child going to a street party in 1945.
We then worked out the fraction of party food; how many cakes we would each need to have equal amounts. In the afternoon we went on the monkey bars, 'made' play dough party food and made a pom pom run.
Our VE celebration day on Thursday started with following instructions and making scones. Then we joined in art club and designed a celebration mug and union jack flags.  In the afternoon we decorated our street party table cloth (through splatter painting) and had afternoon tea outside... complete with a proper tea set! We then watched Paddington 2 and saw how his impeccable manners saved the day!