School Vision and Aims



‘A nurturing environment promoting inspirational learning’.


Aims of our School

We are committed to promoting a personal balanced education to provide a foundation for each child’s future. By offering a caring and nurturing environment, children will be inspired to enjoy and take responsibility for their own learning. We endeavour to be a school that grows with our children and the ever-changing world.

Our aims are:-


  • To create a happy, stimulating and secure environment, which fosters in children an active role in their learning.


  • To nurture children’s enthusiasm for knowledge through developing their understanding of what is to be a successful learner.


  • To resource, develop and support staff in their strive to promote high academic standards.


  • To develop a positive attitude and a continuing pride. To encourage self confidence and motivation.


  • To deliver a range of extra-curricular activities and creative opportunities for pupils to develop their personal skills, talents and interests.


  • To celebrate individuality and become a well rounded 21st century citizen who respects and cares for the diversity in the world around us.


  • To work collaboratively with the community to enrich the experiences of our children.