Year 1 News: 28th September 2017

28th September 2017
Star of the Week:  Sebastian
Mathematician of the Week:  Natasha
Writer of the Week:  Bodhi
Values Champion:  Mia
What a week!  We wished Lilly Mae a very Happy 6th Birthday and Isla lost a tooth!
LITERACY:  Did you know that hedgehogs are nocturnal and that they hibernate?  We've been learning lots by using the text to help us answer questions about hedgehogs.
MATHS:  Year 1 have been investigating the number 10 and have learned that it is really important!  We've been looking at larger numbers, working out how many tens and ones they have then representing them in different ways.
SCIENCE:  Noses were well and truly put to the test this week to work out what was in our smell pots!  We found out that smells can travel and linger!  Some of the smells were nice... and some were not!
GEOGRAPHY:  We investigated places that are nearby and places that are far away then talked about the world and different countries.
RE:  Whilst we were thinking about what Christians think about God, we read the story of the Lost Son.  We tried to work out what Jesus wanted us to learn from it.