Year 1 News: 26th September 2019

26th September 2019
Star of the Week:  Betty 
Mathematician of the Week:  Jonah
Writer of the Week:  Libby 
Rocking Reader:  Hollie 
Values Champion (Friendship):  Freddie

We have had a great week in year 1 this week. We've finished off our work on Little Red Riding Hood, and have been busy sounding out words so we can write our own versions of the story in our literacy books. We have also been painting rainbows, exploring numicon shapes, investigating x-ray pictures to see which part of the skeleton they might be, playing sound hunt games and learning about our senses with Stellissa in PE. 

English:   We have been practising our handwriting each morning and trying to get all of our letters the same size when we write. We have been learning more sounds in phonics and have tried to use these to sound out new words. It's tricky to stretch the words out to hear all the sounds - we're going to keep trying this skill out every morning so that we are abke too build words when we want to write. 

Maths:  We have been learning to count forwards and backwards this week and have trying to use our maths words like 'less than' and 'more than' to help us describe where numbers go on a number line. We played "rocks and rolls" in our small group work and have had a go at playing it with our friends in choosing time too.

Learning Journey:  We have been looking at the colours in a rainbow this week. We looked carefully some photographs to see which order the colours are arranged in, and we saw how the course blend into each other. We used small paintbrushes to paint our own rainbows. It was tricky to keep the colours close enough together to touch without getting on top of each other. We also started our RE topic on what God looks like this week, and wrote about the pasta skeletons we have been making in our science area.