Shooting Stars News: 12th July 2020

12th July 2020
Shooting Stars of the Week:  George & Isabel
The fun continues in Shooting Stars, with another packed week of learning!
Maths:  we got to grips with money this week, learning how to recognise coins, notes and most importantly how to use them!  We had lots of games where we had to add and take away amounts of pounds and pence, then we all had a go at being shopkeepers or customers.  We were able to calculate how much we needed if we bought more than one item, whilst some of us even worked out how to give change when our customer didn't have the exact amount!
Literacy:  we completed a quiz about our text and made our very own jewelled keys out of clay.  We even added sparkle and shiny paint!
Phonics:  we used the letters "c" and "h" to make 3 different sounds... "ch" can sound differently, as in "church", "school" and "chalet".
Throughout the week we joined in the Worcestershire School Games celebration week, which included a daily "shake up".  Combined with our regular "Go Noodle" routines, we were quite worn out!  We ended the week baking our very own lemon drizzle cakes... just like Nigella Lawson!