Shooting Stars News: 14th June 2020

14th June 2020
Shooting Star of the Week:  Jakob
Shooting Stars have had another fantastic week back at Hanbury. We have been so, so impressed by how hard they are working and their brilliant positive attitude.
Last week our theme was ‘bubbles’ and we carried on with it this week as we didn’t quite finish all our work on by last Friday! The children have written their own magic bubble stories and then they turned them into books with front covers, back covers author biographies and blurbs.
They have entered the Worcester virtual school games and designed logos for next years games. They have created book tokens and learned dances, visited the Jinney Ring ducks and learned how yeast makes dough rise to bake a chocolate Northumberland twist. 

Well done shooting Stars - we have absolutely loved our week with you and can’t wait to see what amazing things you do next week!