Shooting Stars News: 5th July 2020

5th July 2020
Shooting Stars of the week: Hollie & Harrison 

This week shooting Stars have been busy again! We started the week with some gardening. Mr Oliver has refurbished the allotment outside Mr Payne’s office window and we had some lovely vegetable seedlings donated to plant in it. All the children worked in teams to plant the vegetables in the raised beds. They spaced them it carefully, measuring the gaps in between using the palms of their hands. 

We started a new story this week, which also gives us our new theme for the next two weeks - pirates! We read the story of ‘Sayeeda the pirate princess’ and learned how she loses her treasured key by being careless on the decks of the family galleon. The children have thought about how the author used interesting words to describe the action, and ways that the story is similar to others we know. 

We used clay to make a model key, which we will paint next week to make it sparkle like Sayeeda’s one. The children created their keys by shaping the clay without tools so that it stayed as smooth as s possible. 

In maths we did lots of work on ordering and recognising numbers. We made an orienteering style game and the children ran around to find the hidden number cards. The children did so well we even moved on to 3 digit numbers - Miss Bishop is very excited by how well the children are doing with their maths! After this we moved on to learning about money. We played a lot of money based board games to practice recognising the coins and had our own little ice cream shop to practise paying. 

We had lots of lovely new books delivered this week, bought after receiving a very generous donation from Hanbury Parish Council. They are all matched to our phonics scheme and will really help our younger children in particular as they begin their journey to becoming a reader. The children enjoyed helping to unpack them and sort them into their colour bands. In PE we did shuttle runs, and the children worked to get her to keep score score and count the runs. We also did phonics, reading, art and had our movie treat - Minions this week! 

Well done Year 1! Enjoy your long weekend and we will see you on Monday! 
Miss Dancer and Mrs Shaw