Sunbeams News: 12th July 2020

12th July 2020
This week has been the busiest yet!  We have been joining in with the Worcestershire Virtual School Games Week, particularly loving the Bhangra dancing!

After re-imagining the bear hunt story, the children have worked very hard to turn it into their very own dinosaur hunt. This week's writing has focused on describing our new chosen settings, discussing the new sounds we would make and writing our updated version remembering to use our capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and phonic knowledge.
We have been decorating our dinosaur eggs this week, baking cookies and using paint pens to design new dinosaurs.
Maths this week has been spent learning about odds and evens. We quickly grasped this concept with everyone confidently explaining how we could tell; if they have friends they are even however if there's an ODD one out we know that number is odd. We have been able to show this knowledge through using our fingers, tens frames and numicon.
Our tricky teddies have been helping us practice both phase 3 and 4 tricky words daily. We are beginning to feel confident reading and spelling phase 3 and have used phase 4 as a new challenge. Likewise, our digraph dinosaurs have been helping to reinforce our phase 3 phonic knowledge. We are getting pretty quick at identifying the digraphs when on their own however we still need practice to be digraph detectives to find them in words.