Sunbeams News: 14th June 2020

14th June 2020
Maths - We have been looking at subtraction from 10. We began the week by going on our bus. We used key words, first, then and now to retell our bus journey story making sure we could identify how many children were jumping on and off the bus. We have been practising counting up to 10 and back down again using a variety of well-known nursery rhymes, hop scotch and adult led games and activities. We realised counting backwards is tricky!
Phonics - This week we have been recapping the digraphs qu, ch, th, sh and ng. We have found this quite tricky so if you have a spare few minutes a day, please help encourage your child at home to independently think and spell words containing these digraphs. Even a little practice a day can help make a huge improvement as we move onto different sounds next week.
Literacy - After discovering footprints in the classroom on Monday morning, the week has been focused around whose they could be and why they were here. The children decided they belonged to a bear and that hopefully her was passing through the classroom on his way to finding his bear cubs in forest school. We took our own bear hunt across the fields to make sure the bear returned home.
We have looked at a variety of bears over the week, discussing different habitats and food sources. The children have enjoyed painting their favourite bears, creating their own habitat pictures and using their artistic talents to create amazing clay bears.
We have also enjoyed Heartsmart, music and taking part in the schools Virtual Games. Our song for Hanbury's Got Talent is Reach for the Stars (S Club 7). Sunbeams are learning the second verse, ask your child to show you their amazing dance moves!
We ended the week with a hot chocolate and cookie treat. Sunbeams choose this treat as a result from collecting all of our sun rays for doing amazing work in maths, literacy and phonics this week! We've worked really hard so thoroughly enjoyed our treat while watching one of Mrs Mills' bedtime stories.