Sunbeams News: 21st June 2020

21st June 2020

We started the week with a Heartsmart themed assault course which showed us the importance of believing in ourselves. We remembered Boris' message: never give up, to help us complete the challenges. We have also taken part in the Virtual Schools Games where we were timed to catch a ball as many times as we could - it got quite competitive!

This week we've continued looking at our Bear Hunt story. We've focused on the textures and sounds we would find on our journey. The children enjoyed taking a barefoot sensory walk through the story. They particularly loved the feeling of the freezing snow (ice cream)! We have done some lovely writing explaining the textures and sounds we found. We devised a class story map through painting different sections of the story and ordering them and used this to begin writing our stories.

Phonics focused on ai, ee, igh, oak and the long and short sounds for oo. We have worked really hard to remember to use these sounds in our writing and Mrs Ellis is very impressed with the different words we come up with daily.

Maths this week has been looking at the numerals 0-20. We have worked really hard recognising the numerals, ordering them, forming them by memory and recognising them in different forms (fingers, numicon, dice, tens frame). Remembering our teen numbers has been particularly difficult and we will continue to recap these next week. Mrs Ellis even tried to trick us by placing numbers 11-20 in the wrong order. Now we know the pattern there's no tricking us!

During this weeks art we have begun creating caves for our clay bears. We are looking forward to finishing these to show you next week. Charanga's music has taught us to clap, dance and move to the beat. This week we added claves to our Big Bear Funk song. Finally, we completed and filmed our section for the schools Hanbury's got talent song.

Another great week sunbeams!