Sunbeams News: 5th July 2020

5th July 2020
This week we arrived at school to start an exciting new topic. Mrs Ellis said she had heard some big stomping sounds outside the window so we went to have a look. After a deep discussion, we decided the egg was too big for a chicken, bear's do not lay eggs, and the egg was too shiny to be an ostriches. Finally, we settled on the egg coming from a dinosaur, just in time to receive a letter from Professor Bones who had written to the class asking for help to find his missing Stegosaurus. The class decided in order to help Professor Bones they needed to create wanted posters. In order to ensure the school knew what they were looking at, the children researched Stegosaurus' and used these facts on their amazing posters.
Sunbeams decided to look after the dinosaur egg until Professor Bones could come back and collect it. We made warning posters, a nest to keep it warm, and collected some food in case it hatches. The children searched the playground for clues of the dinosaurs visit and found footprints, scratches against trees and bite marks in the leaves.
In phonics this week, we have continued to recap our phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs. We have been practicing the formations in cornflour and flour while implementing our sounds into our writing. 
Maths has covered halving and sharing. We had great fun telling Mrs Ellis when she shared out her strawberries unfairly, and helped to correct to make sure everyone "has the same amount". We have also taken part in some races, teddy bears picnic and created a playdough shop where we have had to use our new sharing skills.
In art we have tried a new method of painting using felt tip pens and plastic bags to create watercolour dinosaurs, created a wonderful montage of dinosaurs and their habitats and decorate art folders ready to bring our wonderful creations home at the end of term.
Another great week Sunbeams. Enjoy your long weekend!