The Trinity

24th October 2019
Reverend David Morris came to tell us all about The Holy Trinity on Monday.
We all came together for a special assembly, where Rev Morris told us that "tri" means 3.  The word "Trinity" is very important to the way Christians understand the nature of God.
We heard how God is trinity - three things united together.
These parts are called The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.
After assembly, we went back to class and spent the morning doing a variety of activities to show our understanding of The Trinity.  Reverend Morris came to each class to see what we were up to!
Reception thought about how an apple can help us - the seeds are The Holy Spirit because He helps us grow, the skin is The Father as He protects us and the flesh is The Son because Jesus is God made in the flesh.
Year 1 made beautiful triptych, three panels showing the three parts of Trinity.  They coloured them in like stained glass windows, then wrote about each part.
Year 2 thought about how a plait can help us think about the three parts woven together and had a go at making their own.  They also decorated shamrocks as that is how Saint Patrick explained The Trinity.
Year 3 created beautiful watercolour paintings of the three parts of The Trinity.
Year 4 sorted some lines from a kenning.  Each line was either a reflection of God the Father, God, the Son or God, the Holy Spirit.   They were able to justify their opinions to others and showed consideration when listening to those who had a different point of view.  Everyone composed their own kennings about The Trinity and wrote it on a book mark.
We joined together again at the end of the day to show the whole school what we had each been doing.