Update: COVID-19 Advice for Parents/Carers

17th March 2020

Additional measures will now be in place for the next few weeks, as we try to play our part in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus.

Due to updated advice given late yesterday afternoon by the government we have cancelled all upcoming events, school trips and activities in and out of school, with immediate effect.

All clubs are cancelled as of today.  No visitors or volunteers will be admitted into the school; forest school will be held on site with school staff only.

We are asking parents / carers to please be vigilant.  We know that these are difficult times but if your child or a member of your household is displaying symptoms then they are to be isolated for 14 days, alongside any siblings.

If a child is identified as having a high temperature or a persistent cough then you will be contacted and asked to collect your child and any siblings in school.  We are not however temperature testing all children’s temperature daily.

In the event of staff illness or isolation then your child may be taught by another teacher in another class.  Mrs Mills will be taking a leave of absence from today due to the very exciting news that she is expecting a baby!  We take the well-being of all staff very seriously and to protect herself she will be self-isolating as advised by the government.

We wish we could have delivered the news in a more appropriate way but it is vital that you understand that there are vulnerable children and adults in school.  Mrs Ellis and Miss Dancer will work together to look after the class for the foreseeable future. 

Please could we ask that communication with Mrs Parmley is kept to a minimum.  As you are aware this is an unprecedented and ever-changing situation and we are acting on information as it is updated daily.  We have not got time to respond to individual queries and phone / email messages at the moment.  We are trying to keep on top of the guidelines designed to keep the children and adults in school as safe as possible.  Information will be updated and sent out as we receive it.

In the event of a full school closure, work for children will be sent home.  Work will not be sent out to individual students before this time.  This will not replace the taught curriculum but will help keep basic skills up to date.  We do not have resources to send home sets of books for reading, so would ask you to read books from home.

Please could we ask that parents and carers remember and respect that this is a difficult and challenging time for us all.  We have acted on all information given in the best interests of the school community.  It is as worrying for us as it is for you so please appreciate that any decisions are made with your child’s and the other children’s health and well-being in mind.     

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.