Update: School Closure Information

19th March 2020

As you will now be aware the Government last night announced new measures that will apply to schools from the end of the school day on Friday 20th March.

The information so far indicates that all schools in England will be closed to pupils except for those who are the children of keyworkers, children who have EHCP or those children that are looked after.  The staff are working hard to put home learning packs and information together for those children that will be at home and details will be released shortly regarding these.

We are working hard to put plans in place ready for next week but this will take time, especially as we still have not received all the information from the Government, so there are a lot of unanswered questions.

To aid us in our planning and before we receive the keyworker list from the Government, if you believe that you as a parent fall into the KEYWORKER category and you would like your child to continue to attend school, then please email the school office as soon as possible at office@hanbury.worcs.sch.uk.  Please provide us with your child’s name, the names of the parents who are keyworkers, your job title / profession, your place of work and a contact number or email address for the HR department.

If your child has an EHCP plan or is a looked after child and you would like them to attend school from Monday then again please email the school office. 

The same isolation rules will apply, children can attend school unless they, you or your family become unwell at which point they and you would need to isolate for 14 days. 

Children currently in isolation would need to remain in isolation until the 14 day period has passed and they are fully well.

Please note that we will not be replying to emails until we have received further information from the Government.

We thank you for your continued support and patience as we respond to the ever changing picture.