Welcome to Wellbeing Week!

8th February 2021
I’m very proud to kick off Wellbeing Week which I hope will allow all of the Hanbury Family to focus on their mental health.
I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you why we feel that Mental Health is so important and why we are placing a bigger emphasis on it at Hanbury C of E First School.
We feel that it is as important to learn about mental health as it is to read, write, calculate and create. If we were physically unwell we wouldn’t hesitate to see a doctor and this type of diligence should be true of our mental health as well. We want to help create a culture where children feel comfortable to ask for help whenever they need it.
Together in class, we safely explore how our emotions are affected by certain situations or to spot if others are struggling. We recognise the importance of teaching our children that it is “ok to not be ok” and that there are times when you can ask for help.
We are currently experiencing events that we perhaps never believed we would see in our lifetime and many are worried and anxious about vulnerable loved ones. We need to understand how to manage our own wellbeing and that of our children now more than ever. We need to look after ourselves so we are fit and able to look after those close to us.
To this end, we are moving away from the more structured lessons this week and are offering you all the chance to spend your learning time completing activities from a diverse menu which can be accessed via Seesaw and Tapestry.
There will be no set timetable – we would like you to look through and pick out the activities that interest you and your child the most. We are looking forward to seeing what you have achieved and would love to hear how taking part in the activities makes you feel. All the activities will be posted onto your class page by Monday morning.
We know from the many positive comments received that class and group Zooms are also a fantastic way to keep in touch and help maintain positive relationships, so these will continue throughout the week.
As this week is to benefit the wellbeing of all the Hanbury Family, teachers will be responding to the posts you send, but expect you to post no more than 2 activities a day. We also expect parents and carers to ensure they drink that cup of tea that often gets left to go cold or keep those pyjamas on until at least 10am! Thank you for your continued support – I hope you all have a lovely week.
Mr Payne
A friendly "Hello" can make a BIG difference to someone. This week we want to share as many "Wellbeing Waves" as possible! While you are doing one of the wellbeing activities, why not ask an adult to send us a short video clip that we could share on our social media channels and our website?
Your adult MUST help you make and post the video. You need their help and permission as it might be shared on Twitter, facebook and our website
If there's someone else on your video, make sure they AND your adult are still happy for it to be shared.
Please don't say anything... a wave is all we need!
Please don't use your name or have anything in your background that might tell people who you are.
Please turn your phone or tablet on its side so you film your video landscape.
Make sure the camera is close enough to see you and your wave!
Your wave should be roughly 10 seconds long.