Year 1 News: 10th May 2018

10th May 2018

Star of the Week:  Max
Mathematician of the Week:  Benji
Writer of the Week:  Charlotte
Values Champion:  Freddie F

Literacy:  This week we have been reading a special type of story called a fable. A fable usually always ends with a lesson to be learned. We have read The Fox and the Stork and found out that if you play tricks on people then they may well play tricks back on you. Next week we are going to try and retell a different fable called The North Wind and the Sun.

Numeracy:  We have now moved onto fractions and we have been busy halving shapes and quantities. We have been very careful to make sure that we have two equal parts. We have discovered that when you are finding half of an amount you are sharing equally between two groups and we were great at that last week!

Topic:  This week we travelled to Africa to see what it would be like to live in a very dry place. Not all of Africa is desert but the largest desert in the world is situated there - The Sahara. We were excited to see what animals we would find and we loved looking at the pyramids. 

We have also had some pedestrian training this week. We have been taught how important it is to make sure we behave correctly on and near roads.