Year 1 News: 12th March 2020

12th March 2020
Star of the week: Lexie
Maths champion: Deniro 
Reader of the week: Hollie
Writer of the week: Jakob
Values champion: Jack
Year 1 have had another fantastic week. We have been busy painting, crafting, party planning, glockenspiel playing, cricketing and tasting food alongside all our phonics and maths and reading and writing. 
English: We have made story maps to show the story of Solo. We also thought about how Floe would have felt the first time she met her baby and wrote speech bubbles for her. We looked at our favourite parts of the story and wrote captions for the pictures. Next week we will be writing our own polar animal stories! 
Maths: We have carried on with our crocodile maths this week. The children are all so good at recognising when to use the more than sign and when to use the less than sign. This week we have focussed on the vocabulary to go with this skill ‘more than’ and less than’. It’s tricky but the children have done extremely well. 
Learning journey: We have learned about the race to be the first one to reach the South Pole, which happened over 100 years ago. The children thought that if Shackleton and Scott had stayed friends instead of falling out they might have been able to beat Amundsen to the pole - perhaps they needed some lessons on being heartsmart? We learned about the foods polar explorers took with them and tasted some of them - tinned pilchards, hot bovril, salt crackers, corned beef and lime cordial. We don’t think we want to live on an explorers diet! 
Music: The children used the glockenspiels to create music for their bossa nova rhythms this week. Mr Payne was very impressed with how well the children managed to stay in time to the music and how well it turned out. 
RE: We have started our work on our new question, ‘why does Easter matter to Christians?’. The children have been learning about Holy Week and what happened to Jesus when he arrived in Jerusalem. We made palm-print palm leaves and sang joyful songs to remember the events of Palm Sunday. We then learned about the last supper and the children have planned their own tea parties for their friends to show how much they care for them. 
Our twitter page is going really well! Thank you so much for all your likes and comments, we love sharing our days with you. Don’t forget that next week we have our trip to Slimbridge on Wednesday. We will be back to school by 4pm.