Year 1 News: 13th November 2020

13th November 2020
Star of the Week:  Martha
Mathematician of the Week:  Mary
Writer of the Week:  Humphrey
Reader of the Week:  Henry
Values Champion (Respect):  Lilia

Over the last couple of weeks, Year 1 have been busy learning how to write number sentences. This week Miss Dancer challenged the children to write some number sentences independently, and they did so well that they then moved on to recording their work straight into their maths books. The children concentrated hard on getting one number in each square, and were so proud of how neat and grown up thief finished work looked.

We have been working on number bonds since half term, and towards the end of this week we moved on to some subtracting. The children are all doing very well and it is so encouraging to see how confident they are getting with their number work.

We have continued to learn our phase 5 sounds this week, alongside our work on capital letters and full stops. This week we all thought about how the hippos in the story have a ‘Big Dream’ of going to the moon. The children all thought about what their own big dreams would be, and had a go at writing them down. They have also been busy writing thankyou cards from the main character to her friends to thank them for helping her to build a rocket.

In RE we have learned the story of the lost sheep, and we thought about how Jesus told people that God is like a kind shepherd who looks after people they way a shepherd looks after his sheep.

We had a PE lesson from coach Rhys, and he is starting to teach us some football skills this term. In our class PE session we worked on the skills he has shown us to make sure we keep them sharp ready for the next lesson. We also took part in the Worcestershire Virtual School Games Agility Challenge.

Well done Year 1 - what a great week!