Year 1 News: 14th March 2021

14th March 2021

Welcome back year 1! It was so wonderful to welcome the class back to Hanbury on Monday morning and to see all the joy and excitement on their faces as they reconnected with their much missed friends.

The children have spent lots of time reconnecting with friends and rediscovering all their social skills like sharing, turn taking, compromising and negotiation this week. We have had some lovely new equipment in the classroom to discover - lots of new Lego sets and Playmobil to create and collaborate with and to help develop our imaginations, vocabulary and narrative language skills. There are new arts and crafts materials to choose from and a fresh selection of books for the book corner too.

In our lessons we have started some work on Judaism and learned about celebrating Shabbat and why Jewish people have Mezzuzah prayers by their doors. We have thought about what is precious to us and learned about precious objects for Jewish families.

We have been practicing our blending and segmenting skills in phonics and have been working on checking our work to see if it looks ‘right’ before giving it in. Using sentence punctuation and spotting whether the correct version of sound is used is a key skill for us to remember from before lockdown so we’ve played lots of phonic games together too.

In maths we have looked at adding and taking away and using number sentences to record our work. In English we have been working on our handwriting and word composition skills. It was very exciting to see how confident the children were with their writing when they came back to school and how willing everyone was to ‘have a go’ at writing on their own.

We were very pleased to see coach Rhys from AJB sports on Monday, and also Stellissa on Thursday for our PE lessons this week. The children love the dancing and singing in Stellissa’s lessons, and coach Rhys introduced us to basketball which was great fun too.

We finished our week by baking 30 lemon drizzle cakes for our mums to say ‘happy mother’s day’. The children all made cards to take home with them and wrote lists inside of all the reasons they love their mum. So many included ‘because she was a great teacher’ in their list, and we have to agree - the children have done so well with their home schooling work and we are so immensely grateful for all the support and encouragement their parents gave over the last term.

This week, all of year 1 are the star of the week, they have all been so good and we really can’t pick out just one!

Have a great weekend year 1, we can’t wait for more fun next week (and hopefully some sunny weather so’s we can get out on another walk to help us reach our target of doing a 5mile walk before year 2).