Year 1 News: 17th October 2019

17th October 2019
Learning Journey: Year 1 have had a lovely week testing our senses and completing our first science investigation. Over the last few weeks we have been learning what our five senses are, and finding out how they help us in our everyday lives. This week we started to think about which senses are strongest.
We decided to do a test to see whether our taste buds are stronger than our noses. We wore a blindfold and smelled 5 pots, and after each one we tried to guess the smell. Then we dipped our fingers in to see if we could taste what each pot contained. Some of the pots were yummy and some were... not so much!
We learned that we are better at tasting than smelling.
We have also been learning about how God is like a kind shepherd. We made cards describing ways a shepherd looks after his sheep, and read a story Jesus told about how God looks after people like a shepherd looks after sheep.
Maths: We have continued to work on our addition sentences this week. We have learned that the 'equals' sign means 'the same as'. It can go at the start of a number sentence, for example: 7=4+3, or it can go at the end of the number sentence, for example, 4+3=7. We have been using the number cards to make our own number sentences, and Mrs Larner set us a challenge to see how many number sentences we can make with just one set of number cards.
We have also been using the balance scales to see how we can make number bonds.
Literacy: We have continued to work on our phonics skills this week. Miss Dancer is so pleased that we have finished all of our phase 3 sounds, and now we are learning how to blend them carefully to make words. We have been using our magnetic letters to try to build the words that are spelled out in our phonics sessions. We have read lots of Funnybones books over the last few weeks. This week we have been learning the original Funnybones story, so that next week we can have a go at writing our own version of it.