Year 1 News: 19th September 2019

19th September 2019
Star of the Week: George
Mathematician of the Week: Thomas
Writer of the Week: Isabel
Reader of the Week: Jack
Values Champion (Friendship): Archie
Year 1 have had a fantastic week this week learning about ourselves and what makes our bodies special. 

We are getting so good at remembering our class routines and changing our own reading books every morning too. Mr Payne was very impressed to see how well Year 1 settle themselves in when they arrive each day. 

Literacy:  We have continued to look at the story of Little Red Riding Hood this week. We made a ‘story map’ to help us remember everything that happens and have all learned to tell the story by ourselves using actions to help us remember. We thought about how Granny would feel living in a wood with a wolf and decided she might want to move house... to a mountain with a nice view. Unfortunately, in our story, Granny found a mountain with a nice view and a big bear cave! Look out next week for our new little red riding hood and the mountain stories. 

Maths:  We have continued our work on counting and numbers this week. We have been counting forwards and backwards, and are getting really good at seeing how many steps the numbers count each time when we make a sequence. It’s been lovely and sunny so we took our maths outside this week and played games with the number bean bags. We had to fetch the bean bags from the bucket and then run back to our team and work together to draw a picture of the Humber and write the word for the number on our boards. It was great fun. 

Phonics: We have been learning our digraph sounds this week (sh/th/ch/ai/). We are getting really good at reading them, and now we are focusing on remembering what each one looks like so we can use them in our writing. We have sound mats out to help us when we write and Miss Dancer has been really pleased to see everybody having a go at sounding out their own words for writing this week. 

Learning Journey:  We have been busy completing our classroom challenges this week. We have built domino runs, made patterns from cubes, found number bonds to complete jigsaw puzzles, built a maze from dupli, created a garage for a car out of wooden blocks, made pasta shape skeletons, turned scrap paper into crowns and bracelets, explored ways of adding colour to our creations using crayons and pencils and used puppets to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood.