Year 1 News: 1st February 2018

1st February 2018
Star of the Week:  Mia
Mathematician of the Week:  Evie M
Writer of the Week:  Evie P
Values Champion:  Joshua
Another brilliant week... well done Year 1, you are fab!
LITERACY:  This week we have gone back to an old favourite; Little Red Riding Hood.  We first looked at the story in September and we tried to writer our own version.  We decided to go back and try again.  This has shown us how brilliant our writing has become - we've written more and added interesting detail... our capital letters and full stops are much better too!  Miss Bishop and Mrs Larner were very excited to see how much more confident we were.
MATHS:  Money, money, money!  This week we have been investigating coins and how much they are worth.  Then we combined coins and worked out how much we had in total.  We noticed that just because a coin may be small, it doesn't mean it is worth the least amount of money!
TOPIC:  We are enjoying learning about different animals and where they live.  We have researched King Emperor penguins and pandas.  This week we looked at Whale Sharks.  They were fascinating and we managed to write some really interesting facts about them.