Year 1 News: 1st May 2020

1st May 2020
Home Learner of the Week:  Lexie
This week year 1 have been working hard on developing their design skills and testing their ideas. We looked for materials around the house that could make a boat, and then built the designs. The children then tested them with coins, Lego bricks and even toy action figures. The children had to think carefully about how to load their craft to keep them floating as long as possible.

We continued our scientific thinking with some fun baby animal work. The children were challenged to find out why baby animals look so cute. They discovered that baby animals have big eyes, big heads, small bodies and short legs which make them look really cute.

This week in maths the children have learned how to find fractions. First they looked at equal sharing and making half, then they moved on to finding quarters. The children have been very creative with finding ways to learn these concepts, using Lego bricks, playdoh, coins, or dolls.

We have been learning the story of Sidney the Spider in our Talk4writing topic and the children have created actions to retell the story, written letters, held a Spider party and answered questions to show their understanding of the text.

We went on a virtual field trip to Disney World and made heart maps to show things that make us happy.