Year 1 News: 20th March 2021

20th March 2021

Star of the Week: Ruby
Mathematician of the Week: Henry
Reader of the Week: Albert
Writer of the Week: Kallum
Values Champion: Dylan

Year 1 have had another brilliant, busy week this week. We have been learning all about Judaism and have discovered that Jewish people celebrate the day of rest on a Friday, not a Sunday like Christians. They call the day ‘Shabbat’ and families have a special bread called a ‘Challah’ to celebrate on Shabbat.

We learned that during Shabbat people should try to rest and not do things that are ‘working’. The children thought about how they like to relax and what activities they would choose to do if they had a day off to do no work. We especially liked the suggestions of ‘chill at the beach’ and ‘go to Guernsey because it’s super relaxing there’.

We learned the story of Hanukkah and how the oil in the lamp burned for 8 days to allow the Maccabees to restore their temple. The children were pleased to hear the Hanukkah celebration lasts for 8 days and that it is all about remembering the miracle of the oil so Jewish people celebrate by eating fried foods and burning candles in a Menorah candleholder. We made Menorah pictures using words that the celebration made us think of as the candles, and some children even made Lego menorahs too!

In maths we have been working on our place value and understanding how many tens and ones are in a number. It was very impressive to see some of the children ready to learn about three digit numbers with hundreds in as well as the two digit numbers. We have continued to practice counting in tens this week too.

In our phonics lessons we have recapped the phase 5 sounds we know so far and have been working on remembering all the words when we want to write a sentence. The tricky words can be especially hard to remember when we are writing sentences, so we have looked again at those too. It is great to see some of the children remembering to use the correct spelling of their tricky words in their sentences as they write.

In Art we made self portraits using water our paints. We only had bright, primary ur paint pallets so we had to think about how to mix them to get the right shades and tones for our faces and hair. The children did a brilliant job of making all the shades they needed to make some truly fabulous paintings.

In PE we had more lovely sessions with Stellissa and Coach Rhys from AJB Sports.

Well done Year 1 - I hope up you enjoy a well earned rest this weekend!