Year 1 News: 21st March 2019

21st March 2019
Star of the Week:  Taryn
Mathematician of the Week:  Evie
Writer of the Week:  Bentley
Values Champion:  Seb
Rocking Reader:  Darcie

Numeracy:  We have been working hard on using numbers up to 50. We have compared them, making sure we use the correct vocabulary of less than, greater than and equal to. This has helped us get more confident when finding the tens and the ones. We have also been counting in 2s and 5s. 

Literacy:  This week we have been looking at a non-fiction text about Hedgehogs.  We collected ideas from the text and from our brains (we knew a lot about hedgehogs although we sometimes got them confused with porcupines!).  Next week we are going to try and write our own non-fiction text about Owls. 

We continue to investigate animals in our topic work and this week we have been very excited to find out all about reptiles.  We looked in particular at a Chameleon and were fascinated at how they could change colour. We painted our own backgrounds and tried to hide a Chameleon in among the leaves!