Year 1 News: 21st November 2019

1st November 2019
Star of the Week: Harrison
Mathematician of the Week: Lexie
Writer of the Week: Jack
Rocking Reader: Celine
Values Champion: Lorianna
Maths: This week we have been developing our fluency with addition calculations. We learned that when we write our calculation down as a number sentence it is called an equation. We have been practicing making part-part-whole models to show our work and explain how the numbers are combined when we add. We also learned how to talk about our addition using words like 'altogether' and 'total'.
English: This week we have been concentrating on improving our writing by using finger spaces and full stops to make our work easier to read. We have made thank you cards for Sheila the Hippo to give to her friends for helping her to build her rocket. We also thought about what happens at  each part of the story and made a story map to retell it. 
Learning Journey: We have been writing about our rocket models and explaining how we built them. The rockets all look fantastic and we have a lovely display of them in the classroom. We have also been looking at photos taken from space and learning what the objects in space are called. The children have made wax resist watercolour paintings of what they saw in the photos.