Year 1 News: 24th January 2020

24th January 2020
Star of the Week: Freddie
Rocking Reader: Thomas 
Mathematician of the Week: George
Writer of the Week: Anabelle
Values Champion: Jack
What a busy week we have had! Year 1 have had a packed week with lots of exciting activities throughout, some of the things we have got up to include... 
English: We have been looking for clues in the story to find out a bit more about what the tropics are like, and to understand why the little polar bear was so shocked by ending up there. The children have imagine they are Lars and written postcards home from the tropical island telling their Mum and Dad what it is like. We tried to use clear, descriptive language to explain how different everything is. 
Phonics: At the end of last term we managed to learn our 'split-digraph' sounds. They are quite tricky to understand, so this week we have been going back over them  again to remind ourselves that they make the vowel letters say their real names. It can be tricky to spot split-digraphs in words but we are being sound detectives to see if we can find any in books we read. Our split digrpahs are: a_e / e_e / i_e / o_e / u_e . 
Maths: We started this week with a taster lesson from 'Active Maths'. The children loved going into the hall to play maths games and learn more about telling the time. After a quick introduction it was time to get ourselves warmed up and play some team games to find the matching clock times. We had a great time and are hoping we will soon have some more sessions. In class we have continued to work on number bonds and using these to help us with addition. We have been encouraging the children to look for the pairs of numbers that make ten, or to make pairs if there are none obvious (eg. 7+6 can be simplified to 7+3=10, then add on the remaining three).
RE: We have found out all about how Mosques look inside and how different they are to Churches. We learned that there are always shoes near the door because you cannot wear them inside. We also learned that there is a special fountain to wash yourself in so that you are clean when you pray. There are also no chairs! Everyone who goes to Mosque prays on a special mat on the floor and that modern mosques have a carpet with a 'prayer mat' style design so that mats don't get on top of each other! The children have also read the story of the Crying Camel, which the Prophet Muhammad told to help people understand why it is important to be Kind to others. 
Topic: We have done so much science this week! We started off by investigating whether ice melts faster in salt water or fresh water. We all expected salt to make it melt faster, but it was fresh water which melted fastest. Whilst we were doing that we noticed the ice cubes in the big bowls of water melted faster than the ice cubes in the small bowls, so we did another investigation to check if that was always true. After that we learned about animal adaptations and how polar bears are suited to life in the Arctic. We were very interested in their blubber, so we did an experiment with ice water,  lard, plastic food bags and first aid gloves to see how fat can insulate us from the cold. We have also used watercolours to paint postcards from the tropics for Lars to send home and had a go at blending paints to create different colours. 
Well done Year 1!