Year 1 News: 27th February 2020

27th February 2020
Star of the week: Hollie
Rocking Reader: Freddie
Mathematician of the week: Anabelle
Writer of the Week: Liberty
Values Champion: Leon
Welcome back to Spring term 2 Year 1! We have had a lovely first week back with all the children working hard and producing some lovely work. I have made a video of our week so that you can see all the lovely things our class get up to, and hope to provide a video diary of our class each week now.
Art: We have made paintings of penguins this week. The children have been learning how to blend wet paint colours into each other to create a graduated feather effect on the penguins feather tummies. These will form part of a large 'Antarctica' mural in our classroom next week. We have also been learning how to draw a penguin by following a st of step by step instructions. We have quite a colony coming together in our class now! 
English: We have started to read our new class text - 'Solo' by Paul Geraghty. The children have been learning how to identify a 'main character' and have discovered that the main character in our story is 'Floe' the emperor penguin. They have produced some fantastic charctaer profiles of her and I was really impressed with the fantastic vocabulary they were using to describe her. Words such as persevering, independent, confident and adventurous were all used by lots of the children. Great work Year 1!
Maths: The children have been working hard on partitioning their numbers this week. The children have all had a goat using the numicon and dienes equipment to build 2 digit numbers and partition them into tens and ones. Lots of children are now starting to count in tens confidently and we are starting to move this skill onto recognising the ten times table too. 
PE: This week we had a visit from Liam who came from Worcestershire Cricket Club to teach us how to play cricket. He will be coming to teach us every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks. The children were very well behaved during the lesson and he was impressed with how well they could throw and catch the balls during the session. We are also continuing with our Karate lessons on a Monday afternoon with Sesnsei Andy. 
Learning Journey: We have found out where Antarctic is on a map and have been learning the names of the 7 continents. We have also started to look at map making skills and how to use a key with symbols.
The children also had a go at learning the rhythm of a Bossa Nova in music this week, and will move on to making their own music with percussion instruments next week.