Year 1 News: 2nd November 2017

2nd November 2017
Star of the Week:  Bhodi
Mathematician of the Week:  Freddie F
Writer of the Week:  Harrison
Values Champion:  Oscar
Year 1 have had a brilliant start to the new half term.  Our newly discovered class fairy wrote to us to tell us how wonderful we are at writing!  She read our stories during the holiday and was really impressed with how much effort we had put in!
Literacy:  This week we have combined our Literacy and History lessons, learning about the origins of bonfire night and why it is still celebrated today.  We have been investigating Guy Fawkes and thinking about how we remember his plot on the 5th of November.  We are ending the week by writing our own report using all of the interesting things we have found out.
Numeracy:  In maths we have gone back to thinking about number.  We have been trying to work methodically to find different number facts.  Working carefully and using a system has helped us work out if any of our facts were missing.  Miss Bishop is really proud of how well we have worked in maths this week.
Topic:  We have carried on investigating colour and how different artists use colour in their paintings.  We have used the neutral colours black and white, to create shades and tints.  We have also started thinking about explorers - this will be our topic until Christmas!
The class fairy's friend in the teeth department is being kept very busy by Year 1 as there are lots of wobbly teeth and even some falling out every week!