Year 1 News: 31st January 2019

31st January 2019
Mathematician of the Week:  Seb
Writer of the Week:  Paddy
Values Champion (Endurance):  Archie
We loved meeting Darren Harris on Tuesday!  We all worked hard to complete our Spotty Dog, Mountaineer, Press Ups and Star Jumps and are now busy collecting our sponsorship money.
Darren told us what it was like to play football, even though he can't see.  He uses his other senses to work out where he is on the pitch and when to pass it to his teammates.
Seb and Hazel even got to have a go at blind football, using a special football which had ball bearings in it.  They had to listen to the noise it made to try and catch it.  Darren said they did very well - and he would know... he plays for Great Britain!
Toby has been showing us some more Paralympic medals which belong to his friend Anthony - they look amazing!
In maths this week, we have been looking at the number 10.  We have been working out lots of ways to make 10 by working on our number bonds and using 10 frames.
We're also enjoying this term's PE lessons with Stelissa!  We get our hearts pumping, bodies moving.... and our voices shouting!