Year 1 News: 3rd October 2020

3rd October 2020
Star if the Week: Henry
Rocking Reader: Ethan
Writer of the Week: Harry F
Mathematician of the Week: Kallum
Values Champion (Friendship): Pennie

What a September Year 1 have had!

The children have settled back into school beautifully and welcomed our three new friends into the class so well. We have enjoyed a lovely month of playing outside, exploring our garden, forest school, archery, woodcraft, baking, writing, phonics, playing, painting, maths, geography, science and more!

This week Year 1 got baking for our annual Macmillan fundraiser. We made cinnamon rolls this year. First, we had a look at some that Miss Dancer had made, then everybody tried a piece so that we could find out what they tasted like too. After that we split into three groups so that we could do our baking over three days - cinnamon rolls take a long time to rise and rest before baking so we can’t all do them on the same day. Everybody made their own dough, the children all turned out to be superstar bread makers - watch out bake off, these children know how it’s done!

As well as baking we have learned to retell our class story using a story map and ‘talk for writing’ actions. We learned Little Red Riding Hood, and Miss Dancer was so impressed that everybody knew it off by heart after just two days. By the end of the week the children were so good they could retell it without a grown up or a story map. This is going to help so much when we come to write the story next week.

In maths we learned about a number line, and how to put numbers on it in order. The children used the maths area resources to fill a giant number line up in all the different ways they could - numicon, cubes, log numbers... even number sentences. The children did so well that we moved on to learning about the compare signs. We think they look like hungry crocodiles, especially because they always eat the greatest  numbers!

Our topic is ‘All about me’ and this week we thought about where we live. We watched a video of someone walking to their school and saw them make a map of their journey. We made maps of our own journey to school, and added labels and arrows to show our route.

We also had more fabulous PE lessons from our lovely coaches; Rhys at AJB sports and the Stellissa ladies, and a music lesson where we learned about spotting rhythm.