Year 1 News: 5th March 2020

5th March 2020
Star of the week: Harrison
Rocking Reader: Betty
Mathematician of the Week: Lorianna
Writer of the Week: Annabelle
Values Champion: Isabel
What a busy week in year 1! We have been to forest school, celebrated world book day and started our own twitter feed, all alongside our usual mix of art, music, PE, reading, writing, maths and geography. If you haven’t seen our twitter feed yet do take a look, we are @hanburyYear1 and we are excited to show you what we get up to each day. 
English: This week we have focussed on developing our reading skills in English. We have looked again at the start of the story and thought about what facts that tells us about the story, and what we can tell by using our inference skills. This is a key skill for Year 2 and beyond and Miss Dancer has been so impressed by how well everyone has used inference skills to deduce new information. We have also written predictions about might happen next. These have been so detailed, and it was great to see so many children using what they had learned in the inference sessions to influence their predictions. Two children earned a new, yellow “best work” certificate for their writing books this week too. These are attached to the page as a remainder of how well the child can do and a celebration of their progress.  Great work Year 1!
Maths: This week we have been building on our partitioning skills to compare numbers using the crocodile maths signs (<, >, =). We have looked at how many tens and ones a number has and identified numbers greater and less using the hundred squares. We learned a new game to help us practice this skill called ‘monster wars’. It’s proving very popular during our independent play sessions! 
PE: This week we had our second visit from Liam who comes from Worcestershire Cricket Club to teach us how to play cricket. We were developing our concentration and reaction skills this week, a key part of being a good cricketer. We played volcanoes and craters, and then went inside and played a version of heads, shoulders, knees and toes. We also had a Karate lesson on a Monday afternoon with Sensei Andy who is teaching us how to improve our focus for blocking attacks. 
Music: Mr Payne is teaching our music lessons when he comes in on a Tuesday afternoon. 
This week the children learned a new song, and found out how to keep in rhythm to the music when they sing. They also used the percussion instruments to join in with their singing and make up third own Bossa Nova style songs. 
Forest School: on Wednesday we went over to the Jinny Ring centre for forest School. It was a lovely sunny morning and the fields were not as muddy as we expected, although the ‘gate’ sections were very sticky! We took hot dogs for our snack and had hot chocolate by the camp fire before going off to build dens and climb up trees. There were lots of very long sticks which the children had great fun turning into busses too! This time we even had a visit from the Jinney Ring ducks - good practise for our visit to Slimbridge in a few weeks time. 
Finally, Thursday has been World Book Day! We have had great fun reading lots of bedtime stories, learning about authors and making bookmarks, as well as sharing our favourite books with our friends and designing books covers.