Year 1 News: 8th March 2018

8th March 2018

LITERACY:  This week, Year One have been busy writing their stories about a baby animal.  We have based our stories on the book 'Owl Babies' and tried to use the structure of the story to help us with our own.  We are getting more and more confident with our writing and it isn't as frightening as we think it is!

NUMERACY:  Phew... this week has been a busy one in Numeracy!  We have been trying to get our heads around tens and ones and used them to compare and order two digit numbers.  We started by ordering two numbers and then moved onto three.  We have been problem solving and using the < and > symbols and we're only Year 1!  Miss Bishop was very impressed. 

We had a lovely time on Forest Schools. We found some HUGE snowdrifts and climbed on them and in them - some were almost as big as us!  Where the snow had melted, there were some amazing puddles which we just had to jump in!  When we were at Forest Schools we used natural materials to make sculptures of animals.

PS  If you were wondering... Star, Maths and Writer of the Week along with Values Champion took a week off because of the snow day!