Year 1 News: 9th January 2020

9th January 2020
Star of the Week: Thomas
Mathematician of the Week: Lexie
Writer of the Week: Liberty
Rocking Reader: Harrison
Values Champion: Archie
Welcome back to school for 2020! I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable christmas break. Year 1 have settled back into school brilliantly and have begun their work on their new topic ' Polar Lands'. 
English: We have been finding out what 'Polar' means and learning what it is like at the North Pole. We watched a little bit of David Attenborough's film 'Frozen Planet' to see what it looks like and have been gathering up new words to put on our topic wall for this term. We wrote descriptions of the Arctic and tried to remember all the parts of a sentence we had learned about last term It was really encouraging to see so many children independently remembering their finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. 
Phonics: At the end of last term we managed to learn our 'split-digraph' sounds. This week we have been going back over them again to remind ourselves that they make the vowel letters say their real names. It can be tricky to spot split-digraphs in words but we are being sound detectives to see if we can find any in our books this week. Our split digrpahs are: a_e / e_e / i_e / o_e / u_e . Can you find any in your books at home this weekend? 
Maths: This week we went on a shape hunt around the school to look for 3D shapes. We expected to find more cubes than anything else, but it turns out that cylinders are the most common shape around our school! The children have been having fun building shapes with polydron in their free play, and making shape pictures and pattern using the shape trays in the STEM area. We learned the names of 3D shapes like cube, cuboid, pyramid and cone and also the tricky one, sphere (not sa-fia!). 
RE: We have started our new work on world religions this week by looking at our key question: Who is a Muslim and what do they believe? Last term we had a visit from Mrs Choudhary Mills to show us her prayer mats and taste some Indian sweets. This week we have learned that Muslims go to a building called a Mosque to pray, and that a Mosque looks different to a church because it has a dome instead of a tower or steeple. 
Topic: Our new topic is all about Polar Lands. We will begin by looking at the Arctic, then move onto the Antarctic for the second half of the term. This week we have been looking at maps to see where the Arctic is, and learning about how places inside the Arctic circle look in winter and summer.  The children have been busy sorting pictures into a Venn diagram to show whether they are things found in polar regions or tropical regions and have watched a short clip from David Atttenborough's Frozen Planet to see what it is like at the North Pole.