Year 1 News: 9th November 2017

9th November 2017
Star of the Week:  Harry M
Mathematician of the Week:  Lily-Mae
Writer of the Week:  Amber
Values Champion:  Amelia
It has been another brilliant week in Year 1 with lots of lovely work being done.
Literacy:  We have now started to think about poetry and rhyme.  We have been learning a poem all about feet and what they can do!  We have discovered that rhyming words sound the same at the end and are often at the end of a line in a poem.  Next week we are going to try and write our own poem based on Humpty Dumpty.
Maths:  Maths has been all about shape.  We have looked closely at 3D shapes, trying to name them and describe them.  We have found that 3D shapes have faces and edges and can be used for lots of different things.  We tried to build the tallest tower we could using different shapes from around the school.
Topic/Science:  This week we learned about Roald Amundsen, the first person to reach the South Pole.  Did you know it took him almost five months to travel there and he took enough food to last him two years?!  That's enough food to last us until we are 7 or 8!  We thought about the types of clothing we would need to wear if we were polar explorers and we investigated different materials to see how suitable they were.
Next week we are going to carry out our very first experiment using thermometers and we are going to test which materials will keep us warmer for longer.
Congratulations to Amber who lost a tooth this week... they just keep falling out!!