Year 2 News: 10th May 2018

10th May 2018
Year 2 has welcomed a very special visitor into our classroom this week... the Quiz Fairy came and gave us all some top tips for when we do our quizzes over the next couple of weeks.  She even wrote us letters and left us some magic fairy dust!
Miss Jones has been so impressed with our quizzing so far - we have shown her what we can do in reading and maths.  She is very proud and has even given us lots of extra playtime as an extra treat!
We have been doing lots of other things too...
In Topic we loved learning about the climate of the British Isles, comparing the weather in Aberdeen and Brighton.  We tried to find out why it might be colder in the North of the British Isles and warmer in the South.  We really got stuck in to this task and can't wait to put together our own weather forecasts next week!
We have also followed up our Science experiment and have observed what happened to leaves we wrapped in foil and cling film.  We thought about what the effect of sunlight has on a leaf and how it helps the plant produce chlorophyl .
We have been thinking about different types of sentences and trying to come up with our own.  We wrote and punctuated statements, questions and exclamation sentences.  Did you know there is more to an exclamation sentence than you think?  It has to start with a "What" or "How" and end with an adjective.  What a great job we all did!  How hard we all worked!
In maths we have been perfecting or times tables skills and used them to give our friends clues as to what number we were thinking of!
On Thursday we walked up to church and perfected our pedestrian skills!  We were taught about the Green Cross Code and what we can do to make sure we can cross a road safely.  We heard that we should always find a safe place to cross - ideally a pelican or zebra crossing - to look and listen all the time and if there is no pavement, that we should try to face the traffic so we can see them and they can see us.
We had some very kind helpers come with us on our walk - they commented on how well we had listened and behaved.  We were doubly thrilled as earlier in the week, Mr Payne had read us a letter from the Botanical Gardens that also complimented us on our behaviour!