Year 2 News: 10th October 2019

10th October 2019
Star of the Week:  Paddy
Mathematician of the Week:  Avhin
Writer of the Week:  Hazel
Rocking Reader:  Oliver B
Values Champion (Friendship):  Ben & Vincent
Miss Bishop was really impressed with our performance at the Harvest Service on Wednesday.  We had worked hard to learn our poem, which we tried to deliver with expression and feeling.  We thought hard about the meaning of Harvest and how lucky we are to have food on our tables, when some do not.  The donations we made to the collection will all go to help as they will be sent to Droitwich Foodbank.
We are now learning a song for our next performance, our Year 2 Assembly on Friday 18th October.
Literacy:  We have written Jemima Puddleduck's diary this week, thinking about how she would write about what is happening to her in the story.  We made sure we wrote it in the first person ("I") and used the detail in the story to make it more realistic.  Jemima hasn't worked out who the fluffy-tailed gentleman is yet... but we think we have!
Numeracy:  After re-capping how we can quickly count one more and one less, we have used the same skills to add 10 more and 10 less this week.  We can add and take-away 10 from any number easily as we know that our "ones" will not change, the "tens" will just get bigger or smaller.  Some of us even calculated numbers that crossed the 100 barrier, so had to try to remember even more about our place value.
Learning Journey:  We became scientists again, investigating the difference between melting and burning.  We found out that adding heat can effect an irreversible change to some solids, like paper or bread or it can effect a reversible change to other solids, like chocolate and wax.  We now understand why the Great Fire of London had such a devastating effect on the City as the houses were made of materials which burn, having an irreversible effect upon them.
We have ended the week fighting the 'flu bugs!  It was brilliant to see everyone in Year 2 having their immunisation against the germs and nasties!  Hopefully it will help to keep us all fit and healthy for the busy term ahead.